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Patagonia Headphones

Designed to take you to and from any adventure.

*for educational purposes only, not sponsored by Patagonia


Why I made this

The project was completed as a design sprint to design headphones for a company of your choosing.


The final concept embodies Patagonia's dedication to sustainability by utilizing waste material from their apparel and accessories in addition to carbon negative materials. 

Concept development

Patagonia was chosen as the target brand given their strong dedication to sustainability.

Following brand selection a brand mood board was created to inform sketches of potential concepts.

Final Design

Designed to let users listen to the music they love on their way to their next hike, climb, or adventure in headphones inspired by Patagonia’s iconic style and Worn Wear program that gives extra life to old gear.

The concept focuses on using waste material from Patagonia clothing and hard goods, such as recycled nano puff material on the ear cushions and recycled bag straps along the headband. Additional components are designed to use Newlight’s carbon-negative AirCarbon material inline with Patagonia's dedication to sustainability. 

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