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STLY: Soundtrack to your life

Industrial Design Master's Thesis: Redefining our relationship with sound

styl hero_edited.jpg

Why I made this

Research revealed the need for an all-in-one speaker system capable of responding to the dynamic listening needs of today's users with an approachable feel.

Thus, STYL provides a flexible listening experience to amplify your life's soundtrack.


User research, including in-depth interviews and surveys, and market research identified a hole in the market for an all in one audio system capable of providing room filling sound and portability with a home aesthetic. Trend and user research illuminated user values of sustainability, longevity, individuality, and aesthetics.


*Note: The Sony HT-AX7 Portable Theater system was released shortly before the completion of this product, providing validation for the use case. It is the closest available system on the market but is still differentiated by its small size and surround sound focus.

Sketching and Ideation

In addition to traditional sketching and ideation, new AI and VR tools were used throughout the design process. 

MidJourney was used iteratively in conjunction with sketching and photoshop editing to inspire new designs or push existing designs further. 

Gravity Sketch, a 3D VR sketching and modeling tool, was used to help develop designs with the benefit of scale referencing.