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Don't let yourself be defined - An everyday carry bag ready to go anywhere

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Why I made this

Seeking to utilize a CMF strategy approach to a soft goods bag design, I created this bag for those who don't view themselves as defined by one thing - but exist on a spectrum of styles, interests, and experiences.

User and Problem Identification

Striving to take a CMF approach to a bag design, the process began through a deep dive and refinement of the target user group.

Research revealed an emerging subset of luxury buyers. These Gen Z luxury consumers, unlike traditional luxury buyers, valued the access to community offered through luxury brands over the exclusivity. These users also value social and environmental activism, physical and mental wellness, exploration, innovation, self-led learning, and authenticity. Given their interests the user group was defined as the 'Fluid Activist'. 

The interesting combination of user values led to the need for a sustainable luxury bag offering that provided flexibility to the user while recognizing and empowering their existence on a spectrum rather than being defined by one interest or style.

Design Process

Following the refinement of the user group, research was conducted into how the identified cultural traits of the group could manifest into design elements. 

Research topics included the intersection of digital and physical features and experiences, micro and macro culture and fashion trends, user behavior, material innovations, and manufacturing techniques.

Concurrently with research, sketches were created to evaluate and refine design directions.


Throughout the process, prototypes were created at various levels of fidelity to test sewing methods, features, designs, and mechanisms. 

Prototypes included investigating

  • modular pocket systems

  • hidden pocket designs

  • boa lacing system strap adjustment

  • cross-body to shoulder bag strap mechanisms

  • aesthetic details

Final Design - Overview

Continuum is a bag for those who aren't defined by one 'thing' but exist on a spectrum of interests, styles, and experiences.


Designed to be flexible and multipurpose - ready to go with you anywhere and everywhere: the airport, the park, a dog walk, out to dinner with friends and everywhere else. 

Featuring sustainable and long-lasting materials, users can feel good about their purchase.