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ArtCenter College of Design

Master of Science in Industrial Design

Graduating - August 2023      

Helena Balfour Edwards Scholarship recipient

Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University

Master of Business Administration with Innovative System Design

Graduated - May 2023

GPA 4.0/4


Northwestern University

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Graduated - June 2019

GPA 3.7/4

Tectonic Audio Labs

​Research and Design Engineer 

(Aug 2019 - Aug 2021)

  • Designed, built and presented 10+ hardware prototypes/concepts to clients, resulting in new client business and expanding business with current clients – specifically, prototypes demonstrated new product opportunities for clients if they integrated our speaker technology (directional sound bars, high-performance headphones)

  • Provided marketing team with data visualization that helped quantify the novel benefits of company’s technology, previously undocumented

  • Personally responsible for developing a material characterization method and procedure improving the accuracy of multi-physics simulations thereby reducing drive unit development time by roughly 90%.

  • Created 20+ test automation, data analysis, and system response scripts in Matlab, significantly reducing product test time and improving engineering development efficiency

  • Conducted and analyzed hundreds of measurements on sound systems, prototypes, electronics, and materials for product benchmarking and marketing materials for new and existing business

Ashmun Group LLC.

Consultant Mechanical Engineering Designer 

(Jun 2017 - 2021)

  • Worked with Seattle-based custom road bike manufacturer to leverage new manufacturing technology to re-engineer six bicycle components into one part, reducing manufacturing and assembly steps by 5+, and reducing component weight, and cost

  • Identified key product requirements through regular meetings with key stakeholders, including engineers, business owners, and manufacturers, to create an efficient design process and cohesive solution

  • Worked with the client, an industry-leading pharmaceutical testing instrument developer, on dozens of next-generation design concepts and created final product Solidworks models and engineering drawings needed for manufacturing

Maple Leaf Photonics

​Mechanical Engineering Intern

(Jun 2018 - Sep 2018)

  • Built Solidworks parts, configurations, and assemblies for new and updated silicon photonic test and measurement equipment and worked directly with domestic and international suppliers to manufacture components for shipping custom units

  • Responsible for the design of multiple novel subsystems in shipping products to enhance system capabilities in probe stations that position fiber optics to silicon wafers within 10nm of precision

  • Performed research for patents and manufacturing methods to secure competitive advantage and reduce production time and costs


Software: Adobe Suite, Office Suite, Solidworks, Rhino, Fusion 360, Keyshot, Matlab, SPSS

Prototyping: Functional Website Mockups, 3D Printing, CNC-milling, Laser Cutting, Foam Modeling, Clay Modeling, Sketching

Soft Skills: Team and Project Leadership, Design Research, Visual & Verbal Communication

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