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Design a new light concept and business proposal for Italian lighting company Artemide*. 


Gemma: a new desk lamp concept using inspiration from our natural environment to promote wellness and sustainability.

*For educational purposes only, work was not sponsored by Artemide.



Artemide history and design language


Competitive analysis

Users - depth interviews and user journeys


Sketching and idea generation

CAD modeling


Basic engineering

CMF considerations


Form studies

Scaled functional models

Full-scale looks-like prototype

Design Process



The project began conducting research to identify design opportunities. In addition to investigating the Artemide design language and brand, competitive analysis was conducted to determine white space in the market including testing competitive products. Next technology, trend, and user research were used to identify specific pain points and design opportunities. 

The research illustrated user interest in wellness and sustainability-focused home products, particularly following the pandemic, and white space in the market for a work from home wellness focused lighting solution. 


Concept Development

Following the initial research, a variety of concepts were generated concurrently with continued trend and technology research. The concept development phases included the development of:

  • Mood boards

  • Sketches

  • CAD models

  • Renders

  • Form studies 

After numerous rounds of design iterations,  the strongest design direction was chosen to continue developing the form and functionalities.


Final Design

The final design resulted in a plant-inspired form with lighting options to meet the needs of the user throughout their work day. The lamp is offered in two versions, Gemma 44, a table top lamp, and Gemma 82, a clamp style lamp and the most sustainable option.


The design focuses on a natural form with the light shade reflecting a twisting leaf form and bowing lamp stem reflecting the natural tension of plant stems


The twisting form suggests to users to reach out and twist it thus adjusting the light between its work, face illumination, and ambience modes.

A hidden tap-to-display interface allows the form and light to take center stage but still let users adjust their lighting without having to pull out an app.



Users can easily reach up with one hand to adjust the light direction to illuminate their face for light therapy or zoom calls, illuminate the wall to set their work ambiance, or illuminate their work space. 

The lighting options can be set to match the bodies natural circadian rhythm helping users naturally wake up in the morning, stay alert during the day, and wind down as the day comes to a close. 


Using the app or the tap-to-display interface users can select their color temperature and brightness or select set modes for sunrise and sunset modes in addition to a light therapy mode.

Users can access the Artemide app to further adjust the lighting and to personalize the settings for light changes throughout the day, set the lighting for the various modes, and more. 



Gemma uses Air Carbon, a carbon-negative material, and each lamp design features a subtle printing of the amount of carbon equivalent removed in the production of the lamp material inspiring the naming convention. Gemma 44 removes 44kg of CO2e while Gemma 82 removes 82 kg of CO2e. 

Gemma 82's clamp style design also reduces the weight of the product by using the clamp, instead of the lamps weight, for stability. This reduces the environmental impact of shipping the product. 

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